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If a husband or a wife has decided they cannot living together with each other then they can dissolve their marriage(شادی) through the divorce or the khula. For a better understanding of the procedure that the divorce can be divided into two following categories as given below.

  • Divorce by husband
  • Khula by wife


    According to Islam and the law, a husband does not need a reason to divorce his wife, but he has to follow the legal procedure to make the divorce effective.
    At various times, three divorce notices were sent in writing. After sending the first notice, the other two notices are sent thirty, thirty days later. A copy of the written Talaq Nama (Divorce Notice) will be sent to the wife and the original Talaq Nama (Divorce Notice) will be sent to the Chairman of the Arbitration Council along with the application for the Certificate of Effectiveness.
    The arbitration council will also send notices to both the parties and they try to have the reconciliation between them. If no reconciliation takes place within the ninety days the talaq will be effective however if the reconciliation between husband and wife takes place between 90 days the talaq (Divorce) will deem to be revoked and ineffective.


    As per Islam and law, a wife cannot take divorce without a reason. The reasons available for a wife to take divorce are

    • Husband neglected to the maintain wife
    • The Husband imprisoned for a period of seven years or upwards
    • The Husband failed to perform his marital obligations for the three years
    • Impotency of the husband
    • Insanity of the husband for the two years
    • Wife married when minor
    • Cruelty of the husband
    • Immoral life of the husband
    • The Attempts to force her immorals life
    • Venereal of disease
    • Incurable form of the leprosy
    • Disposes of her/his property
    • Obstructs wife in the religious practice
    • If the wife cannot live with the husband within the limitation imposed by Almighty Allah

    In order to get a divorce/talaq, the wife has been to file a case in family court which is called the khula procedure in Pakistan. When the suit for the dissolution of the marriage is filed by the wife the court issues notice that the opposite party and if the husband fails to appear after the due process of posting and the publication the court can also proceed with the case expertise and decree the case. In another case where the husband or his representatives appear he is required to file a written statement following which the court will fix a date for pretrial proceedings for reconciliation between parties. If reconciliation between the parties fails then the court will pass the decree for the dissolution of the marriage(Shaadi). After obtaining a Khula decree from the court you need to file an application before the Chairman Arbitration Council of your jurisdiction for obtaining a dissolution of marriage certificate or Nadra divorce certificate. Our Divorce law team is working jarawala, jhang, Chiniot, Sargodha, Khurrianwala, Jehlum, Faisalabad, Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Bhawna, and all cities of Punjab, kpk, Sindh, Balochistan, Gilgit Baltistan, Kashmir in Pakistan.

    Christian Divorce Procedure in Pakistan

    Ali & Associates has lots of Christian clients all over Pakistan and the Christian community trusts our firm for the reason that they know that Ali & Associates is the best law firm that is well-equipped with the knowledge of Christian laws in Pakistan especially it comes to the procedure of divorce in Christianity. The Christian divorce in Pakistan is not the same as the divorce in Pakistan & the scope of Christian divorce in Pakistan is very limited.
    There are a few grounds on which Christians can divorce their spouse and whatever ground is taken needs to be proved. The Grounds available for Christian divorce procedures in Pakistan are changing religions, Sodomy, second marriage, and Adultery, etc. The reason for these limited scopes is the reason that Christian is not a contract like Muslims but is a religious sacrament. It is not necessary to provide direct evidence in the case of Adultery because it is very difficult to prove however circumstantial evidence can be given and is admitted by the court.
    One of other remedy is available to the Christians are to file a nullity petition(درخواست) which means to have the marriage(شادی) null & void. Nullity petitions also have a limited scope and there are limited grounds on which they can be filed. Grounds of nullity petition in Pakistan are Marriage between prohibited degrees, Impotency, Lunacy, and Idiocy at the time of marriage. A case of judicial separation can also be filed by the wife and the husband at the same time have the right to contest the divorce & the nullity petition. The court is bound to hear both parties when the case is contested by the husband or the wife.
    To go through the Christian divorce procedure in Pakistan the very first thing the party needs to do is to hire a competent Christian divorce lawyer in Faisalabad. Advocate Ali is an expert in Christian divorce procedure in Faisalabad Pakistan and till now have dealt in hundreds of Christian divorces. The Christian divorce procedure in Pakistan is a bit complicated and not all lawyers are competent enough to understand the Christian divorce procedure in Faisalabad Pakistan therefore Ali & Associates in Faisalabad Pakistan is the best place where you can have your case done because lots of technicalities are involved in the Christian divorce and only a competent Christian divorce lawyer in Faisalabad such as Advocate Ali know the standard of proof required in the divorce case in order to establish the case beyond all reasonable doubts. So if you are looking to file any case related to Christian divorce(طلاق), Nullity petitions and Separation(علیحدگی) or protection(تحفظ) order you can feel free to contact Advocate Ali who is an expert in all kinds of Christian family cases in Faisalabad Pakistan including Procedure of divorce in Christianity.

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