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Ali Shahzad Advocate High Court is the best criminal lawyer in Pakistan and Our law office Ali Shahzad & Associates is in Faisalabad Pakistan and all importent cities of Pakistan. we deal in all types of criminal cases.Our legal team is always working in all cities of pakistan for help all people in Pakistan.Our area of practice in criminal cases includes as follows:

  • Murder and Accident Cases
  • Attempted Murder and Killer Cases
  • Hurt of the body law
  • Terrorism and Anti Terrorism with all legal services
  • Mental and Dacoity cases and its law
  • Robbery and Theft cases in pakistan and also Kidnapping cases in pakistan and its laws in pakistan
  • Kidnapping(Abduction) for Ransom cases law
  • Narcotics , Spurious and Drugs cases law & Possession and also Trafficking cases law in pakistan
  • Fraud , forgery and cheating cases law in Pakistan
  • Embezzlement Cases law
  • Criminal Cases Appeals in Higher Courts and Supreme Courts
  • Cases Bail Matters and Suspension of the Sentence from High Court and Supreme Court
  • Private and Government Criminal Complaints in Pakistan
  • Illegal Property Possession Case and Land Grabbing Case in Pakistan
  • Fraud in Property transfer and Fraudulent Cases
  • Domestic and Offices Violence Cases
  • Acid and Fire Burning Cases Law in Pakistan
  • Office and Social Media Harassment Cases and law in Pakistan
  • Habeas Corpus petitions in court
  • Drugs Suporter and its Petitions Cases
  • Drugs and Anti-Narcotics Court (ANF) Cases
  • Passport issues and Immigration Cases
  • Constitution of Writ Petitions in Courts
  • Cyber Crimes Cases and Its Laws
  • Excise Matters and Customs Problems Case
  • Nab Cases and F.I.A Cases and its Law

If anybody is caught by police officers or the other law imposing agency and whether or not an FIR is registered or not you'll be able to contact the most effective criminal case lawyer in cities of Pakistan we'll get you bail and seem in your trial. each the suspect and therefore the plaintiff will contact Ali Law and Associates for the most effective criminal proceedings services as we've the most effective criminal case lawyer in Faisalabad and our legal team is that the best in Islamic Republic of Pakistan. If an FIR is registered and also the suspect isn't caught by the police once then additionally you'll be able to contact Advocate Ali Shahzad we will get you a prearrest bail from the court also. Our legal code team also worked in jarawala , jhang , chiniot , sargodha , khurrianwala , jehlum , Faisalabad , rawalpindi , lahore , bhwana pismire all cities of Punjab kpk sindh blochistan gilgit baltistan Kashmir in Islamic Republic of Pakistan.Our Legal team also solved the National Accountability cases in pakistan.

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