In a court marriage, the marriage is solemnized before appearing before a magistrate. And the clients want the marriage ceremony to be arranged according to their sect. The majority in Pakistan does not believe in Judicial Marriage/ Court Marriage on sectarian grounds. But still, we have the ability to satisfy our clients through our services and we try hard to manage the demands of our clients.
One of our legal services is for people who want to get married online. Those who are abroad and cannot return to Pakistan for marriage. Ali & Associates offers online marriage procedures in Pakistan. Online marriage (marriage) is additionally called proxy (contract) marriage which is legal in many countries due to advances in technology. Online marriage in Pakistan requires clear procedures and valid documents. So that our clients do not face any problem at any stage.
Judicial Marriage/Court Marriage services in Pakistan require a professional lawyer to arrange your judicial marriage and prepare your case and represent you before the Court. An appropriate petition or lawsuit is filed in court by a lawyer with a copy of the Marriage Certificate/ Nikha Nama attached. A lawsuit and petition are filed on your behalf when you need protection from the court so that the girl's parents cannot file a kidnapping case against the boy and both can live their lives independently. If the documents are not complete, then a court no proper order is issued. Therefore, all the paperwork must be completed before going to court to get protection from the court. If you want your court marriage to be effective and if you want it to not be rejected. You should hire a qualified lawyer who is experienced in these matters. It involves legal technicalities and the slightest mistake can ruin your life and cause you trouble.
Our law firm usually provides the best source of legal services for court marriages. We do not disclose our valuable client records at any stage. Client records are confidential and secure so you can get the best out of our services in your important matters.


1. Is Court Marriage legal in Pakistan?

  • Anyone( Pakistani Citizen) who wishes to marry his or her loved one can opt for court marriage in Pakistan. According to the West Pakistan rules under Muslim Family Laws Ordinance, 1961, any man and woman can marry his or her opposite sex and the law of the state is bound to protect and ensure the rights of court marriage in Pakistan.

2. Is court marriage possible in one day?

  • Yes, it is possible. The total time for the Court Marriage process is only 20 to 30 minutes.

3. What is the court marriage fee?

  • Court marriage fees depend on the nature of the work required.

4. How can we contact a court marriage Lawyer?

  • You can contact for Court Marriage through phone or WhatsApp.

5. Which lawyer provides the best court marriage/online court marriage service in Faisalabad?

  • Ali & Associates Faisalabad Pakistan is the best law firm for court marriage in Pakistan which provides its services in a completely legal manner.

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