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Ali & Associates is the best law firm for Christian Judicial Marriage in Pakistan which provides you its legal services for Christian Judicial Marriage.
If the religion of the male and the female is Christianity and both of them want to get married with the legal protection of the court, then you can contact us for registration and documentation services of Christian court marriage in Faisalabad Pakistan.
It is not difficult for a Christian couple to have a court marriage in Pakistan. According to Pakistani law, the Union Council is bound to register the marriages of Christians and issue a NADRA Marriage Registration Certificate for Christians. Therefore, Christian couples can now register their marriage in Pakistan with the protection of the courts.


Pursuant to sections 28, 29, 30, and 37 of the Christian Marriage Act, 1872 (Act), different persons are authorized to register marriages in the register under their administration; Once every marriage has been registered, the said persons from time to time send copies of the details of registered marriages to the Union Council as per law.
According to the Christian Marriage Act, 1872 (Act) of the Christian religion law, the age of Christian marriage in Pakistan is 21 years and anyone below this age is considered a minor.
In Christian Marriage, the pastor recites the marriage of a boy and a girl in the presence of two witnesses, after which the papers are prepared and send for registration.
According to Christian marriage law, no Christian boy can have two wives at the same time.


1. Can a Christian man marry a Muslim girl?

  • No, the law and Shari'ah do not allow a Muslim woman to marry a non-Muslim. Nor can such a marriage be registered.

2. Can a Christian woman marry a Muslim man?

  • Yes, a Christian woman can marry a Muslim man, and the law and Shari'a allow it, and Nikah will be registered according to the law.

3. Does Christian Court Marriage Have Legal Protection?

  • Yes, Christian court marriage has legal protection.

4. If a man and a woman are Christians and a woman becomes a Muslim after marriage, the marriage will continue?

  • No, if a woman becomes a Muslim after marriage, then that marriage does not continue.

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