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The property law is the area of the laws that is govern the different form of the ownership in real property the land as well as distinct from personal or the movable possessions and in a personal property, within the common laws legal system. In the civil laws system, there is a divisions between the movable and immovable property. Movable property roughly corresponds to personal property, while the immovable property corresponds to real estate or real property, and the associated rights and obligations thereon.


The Property rights and The contractual rights

The Property rights are rights over the things that is enforceable against with all different persons / peoples. In contrast, The written agreement rights are the enforceable against the specific persons/perople. The Property rights might be however the arises from the contract. There are 2 systems of the rights is overlap. In reference to be the sales of the land so that the example there are two sets of the legal relationships between exist aboard one another: then the written agreement rights to sue that for the damages, and also be the ownerships of the exercisable over the land.So that a lot of minor the property rights is also to created by contract that is within the case of the easements, the covenants, and the equitable servitudes.

A separate distinction is a obvious whatever the rights of the granted are insufficiently and substantial to the confer on the non-owner to a determinable an interest or the right within the factor. The clearest example of these rights are that the license. In generaly that, The albeit licenses are the created by a binding contract and they are doing not to make to property interests.

The Property rights and The personal rights

The Property rights also are to be distinguished from the personal rights. So much all up to the date societies that is acknowledge this is the basic metaphysics and the moral distinction. within the past so the teams pf lacking a political power have been typically been disqualified from the advantage of the property. So an extreme type of this has been meant that individuals became objects of the property. The additional normally to be marginalized the teams are denied for the legal rights to possess the property.

The Classification

Property law is defined by an excellent deal of historical continuity and technical word. Then the essential distinction in a common law of the systems is between realty or land and the private property.

Before the mid of the 19th century the principles of the devolution of governing of realty and private property on the Associate in anywere quite and totally different.So that this is the classification doesn't have to be a similar significance for any longer. Then the excellence continues to be an elementary attributable to the essential variations and between the two classes. There is a clear example of this that is the proven fact that land is immoveable and therefore, that the principles of the govern its use should be disagree. SO that an extra reason for the excellence is that the legislation is usually written by using the normal words.

The Possession

The idea of the possession developed from the system that whose the principal of th concern was to be avoid the civil disorder. So that the final principle that is someone in the possession of the land or the merchandise, so that the offender and is to be entitled to require the action against the anyperson meddling with the possession and unless the person of meddling is in a position to be demonstrate a superior and a right to try and therefore.

The Transfer of property

There is the most usual way of the acquiring an interest in the property is so that the result of the consensual transaction with the previous owners for the example A sales or A gifted. The dispositions by will may also to be regarded as the consensual transactions so since the effect of a will is to be provide for the distribution of deceased persons property to be nominated the beneficiaries. A person may be obtain an interest in the property of under a trust and established for his or his/her benefit by the owner of this property.

It is a possible for the property to be pass from one person to another person independently for the consent of the property owners. For the example that is, this is the occurs when a person or perple that is dies to intestate so that they goes bankrupt or has been the property to be taken in a execution of the court judgment.

The Priority

There is the different parties may could be claim an interest in a every type of property by the mistake or the fraud so with the claims to being that inconsistent of the every different types. So that the example of the party making or the transferring is an interest could have be a legitimate title and however the designedly or the negligently to creates many interests entirely or the partly inconsistent with each another. The court resolves a dispute by the adjudicating the priorities of the interests. That is the per Pakistan property law it outline the ‘‘Transfer of property’’ means that is an act by that a living person conveys property, in gift or in future, to at least one or a lot of the different living persons or perople and to be himself and one or a lot of the different living persons/perople and “to transfer of the property” is to perform such that act. during this is section of “living person that includes a corporation or the association or a body of people, that whether or not incorporated or not so that ,however nothing herein contained shall have been an effect on any laws nonce operative regarding transfer of the property to be or by corporations, associations or bodies of the people.

The Lease

In the historically, The leases served many be purposes, and regulation varied that is according to be intended purposes and the economic conditions of the time. Leaseholds, for example, were mainly granted for the agriculture until that a late eighteenth of century and the early nineteenth of century, when the growth of the cities and made the leasehold an important form of the landholding in an urban areas.

The modern laws of the landlord and the tenant in common laws are jurisdictions retains that is influence of the common laws and the particularly snd the laissez-faire philosophy that is the dominated the law of contract and the law of property in the 19th of the century. SO that with the growth of consumerism, the laws of the consumer protection maybe recognised that is common law of principles assuming equal to bargaining power between the parties may cause unfairness. Consequently, the reformers have have emphasised the need to assess the residential tenancy laws in a terms of the protection they provide to tenants. The legislation to be protect tenants is now common.

Law of Possession


The intention to possess

An intention to be possess that is the other component of the possession. All the required is an intentions to be possess something for the time of being. In a common laws countries, the intention to possess the thing is the facts. Normally, this is the proved by the acts of the control and the surroundings circumstances.

this is a possible to be intend to the possess pf somethings without the knowing of that it exists. For the example is that, if you are intend to be possess to a suitcase,so that ,then you are intend to possess its contents, even a though you don't know what it is contains. It is the important to be distinguish between the intention sufficient to be a obtain possession of a thing and the intention is required to commits the crimes of the possessing to somethings is illegally, such that as banned drugs, the firearms or the stolen goods. The intention to be exclude for others from the garage and this is contents they does not necessarily amount or cost to be the guilty mind of the intending to possess stolen for goods.

When the people possess and places to which that is the public has access, it is may be difficult to be know whether they intend to possess everything that within these places.so that In such circumstances, some people make it clear that they do not know want to possession of the things brought there by the public. For the example is that , it is not a uncommon to be see a sign above to the coat rack in athe restaurant which is disclaims responsibility for the items that is left there.

The importance of the possession

The ossession is one of the very important concept in the property laws. so that In The common laws countries, the possession that is itself the property rights. An absent the evidence to the contrary, it provides us the evidence of the ownerships. The possession of the thing for a long enough can become the ownership. In the same ways that the passage of the time can be bring to an ends the owner's (property legal person) rights to recover the possession of the things.

In the civil laws countries, The possession is not a rights but a legal facts which enjoy the certain protection by the laws. It can be provides the evidence of the ownerships but it does not in itself the satisfy and the burden of the proof. For the example of, The ownership of the house is never provens by the mere possession of the home. Possession is the factual state of the exercising control over the objects, so that whether are owning the objects or maybe not. There is only a legal possessor has been the legal ground, the bona fide possessor does not know he/she has no rights to be possess and the regular possession is not acquired through the force or by the deceit can become the ownership over the passage of time. A possessor enjoys the certain judicial protection of against third parties even that if he/she is not the owners.

There may be a varying of degrees of the rights to possessions. For the example of, if you are leave the book that is belong to you at that cafe and the waiters picks its up, you have been the lost of possession. When you are return to be recover the book, even the though the waiter has not possession, you have been a better rights to the possession and the book should be returned. This is the example of demonstrates the distinction between the ownership and the possession: throughout the process you have been not lost ownership of the book although you have been lost possession at the some point.

The obtaining possession

The Possession requires that is both control and the intention. It is obtained from the first moment that is both those conditions exist at the same time. Usually, they intention to be precedes control, as when you are see a coin on the grounds and they reach down to pick it up. Nevertheless, it is the conceivable that is a persons might be obtain the control of a thing before forming the intention to be possess it. If someone unknowingly sat on and therefore had control of a Rs note that on the seat of the train, he / she could be obtain the possession by becoming the aware of the note and forming the intention to be possess it. People can also be intend to possess things left that without their knowledge, in a spaces that they are control.

The possession can also be obtained by the one-sided act by which factual control is established. This can be taken the form of the apprehension thats taking an object not in the somepersons the possession or the seizure taking an objects in anyone possessions. It can also be obtaines.

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