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Normally our over-seas Pakistanis have a problem of marriage(شادی) and divorce(طلاق) and also the same is the case with the foreigners who want to marry or divorce a Pakistani national in Pakistan and all the time they need an issue that the way to divorce in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and get a Nadra divorce certificate. They even have constant kind of question concerning proxy or contract wedding in Pakistan and the question associated with Nadra wedding certificate in Pakistan that is issued when proxy/contract marriage or the court marriage in Pakistan.

Divorce from overseas Pakistani National

Divorce for overseas Pakistanis is a bit problematic because whether it is a divorce from male or a female it is always through the embassy. Pakistani embassy or consulate is involved in divorce or khula cases. Once the divorce is submitted through the embassy or once Khula is filed through the embassy and the procedure of the court or Arbitration council is finished then a divorce certificate(طلاق سرٹیفکیٹ) by Nadra is issued which is the only proof that the Petitioner or Applicant is now divorced.Ali Shahzad Advocate & Associates have up till now dealt with hundreds of Divorce cases filed by overseas national and have prepared thousands of divorce paper works and have gained so much of expertise that we can guide you the shortcuts within the legal procedure and can get you the Nadra divorce certificate from Pakistan in no time period. Contact Advocate Ali Shahzad and he will guide you on how to divorce in Pakistan

Proxy or contract Marriage in Pakistan

The word proxy(contract) marriage(شادی) in Pakistan is employed in an equivalent word to an online marriage in Pakistan. The dynamical times have currently conjointly modified the means of wedding conjointly. A proxy wedding like several components of the globe is additionally valid in Pakistan. Now the overseas Pakistanis or the foreigners don’t have to be compelled to specially come back to Pakistan just for obtaining married. Now a remote Pakistani or a remote National through Pakistani embassy appointing a professional in Pakistan may also get hitched with while not especially coming back to Pakistan subject to bound restrictions. Ali Shahzad Advocate and Associates have up till now arranged thousands of proxy(contract) marriages and court marriage in Pakistan and we are an expert in this issue and can guide you the shortcuts and minimize the registration amount to its extreme and might get you Nadra wedding certificate in no time. Ali Shahzad Advocate & Associates will be done to all the complete works for you and also will have your marriage legally registered by Nadra and court in Pakistan through working in the proper channel. Many of the Pakistanis for the spouse visa go for proxy/contract marriage and are today successful abroad and Ali Shahzad Advocate & Associates have played an important role in this issue. On the premise of a proxy marriage several of the Pakistanis are nowadays settled abroad (international countries). Ali Shahzad Advocate and Associates is a pioneer in the field of proxy marriages in Pakistan and we know how to do paperwork and how to achieve the motives of the client. For any info concerning proxy marriages in Pakistan be happy to contact Advocate Ali Shahzad and being the chief executive officer of the law firm he can provide you with the most effective solution for proxy(contract) wedding(shaadi) and divorce and guide the clients(کلائنٹ) from all the experts of the proxy marriage as he has the most effective ways which can certainly save your time and money.

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