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Simple Nikah Online Procedure or Marriage Method

nikah online

How to Get Married Overseas Pakistani In Dubai , Filipino and other International Countries All Over-World

For Filipino and alternative nationals living in U.A.E. , Dubai (Abu-Dhabi) , U.S.A , U.K , Sudi Arab , Iran , China , Turky etc trying to a way to wed or need to try to Nikah / marriage / wedding in Dubai for visit Visa. we provide them pakistan wedding ( nikkah ) online service. So you'll be provided wedding Registration Certificate / wedding or marriage Deed / Nikahnama registered from pakistan.

We Have Served Hundreds of the Happy Married (Shadi shuda) Couples in Worldwide.

We are leading the Nikah / marriage lawyers that is providing the legal service over the worldwide for online wedding / marriage. Our landmark services is that includes sharia Nikah / marriage online with nikahnama ( marriage certificate ) registration that's supported the straightforward and the reliable method to be induces the complete legal documentation. it's just like Courts wedding/marriage. it's valid and legal altogether respects beneath the The Muslim Family Laws Ordinance 1961 Pakistan.

The individuals particularly overseas (international) pakistanis is living in the several countries round the whole world. Who are unable to go to or come to Pakistan however he is trying online procedure to solemnize their marriages / weddings in keeping with the laws and sharia laws will get our services for his / her Nikah (merriage) online with registration Nikahnama (marriage deed/certificate) and wedding Certificate from Pakistan as well as Nikahnama English / Arabic and other language translations and attestation from foreign affairs.

The step by step process is given blow:

Step 1:

The clients or customers provides that their details through MARRIAGE FORM or EMAIL or by Phone.

Step 2:

We are settle a convenient date to be a solemnize their NIKAH (marriage). When both the Bride and Groom maybe join us on video call.

Step 3:

On the scheduled of video call thats our Qazi Nikah Khawan recites the Khutba-e-Nikah. He has administers the Ejab o Qabool in presences the Vakeels and two Muslims witnesses (GAW).

Step 4:

After that the offering of Nikah/marriage. We process that the legal documents of Nikah / Marriage. These includes the registration of NikahNama (marriage certificate). We may also be serve the client (customers) for English or Arabic translations and the attestation etc.

What you will be get after online Nikah (Marriage) services based on your own selected payment package:

We ae process those documents through that is concerned by departments such as authorized by Government of the Pakistan. Union Council and The NADRA will have been complete record with the registration of your marriage/wedding details. Hence what we are deliver is authentic and the reliable. You can also certify these details independently.

We furthers the ratify the merriage/weddings by fulfilled the following requirements.
1. The man / male and woman / female should be adult and non-mehram.
2. The man / male and woman / female should agree to the marriage (wedding).
3. The Nikah / marriage should be perform in the presence of two witnesses (GAW).
4. THE HAQ MEHR (THE DOWER AMOUNT) should be agree upon with.

Online Nikah Procedure

Our online Nikah/Marriage procedure is the simple. We follow us the procedure accepted by the Hanafi Islamic School of the thoughts.

During Video Conference Nikah / marriage Services , we make the essential Nikah (wedding) conditions fulfilled. These conditions are as under the given blow:

  • THe Presence of the two Male witnesses
  • THe Offer and the Acceptance by the respective spouses
  • THe Vakeel or Representatives from Both the parties
  • THe Fulfillment the obligatory condition of the Haq Mehr ( dower amount ).

In the clear terms of the Nikah / marriage cited above there is no need for the Bride or the Groom to join their Nikah/marriage ceremony personally. But they need to authorize us to bring someone to be their Vakeels who can pronounce offer or the acceptance for Nikah on their behalf. It shall be Legal and Sharia in all the respects. As the whole process done fulfilling four conditions aforesaid required under the sharia. Our Court Marrige / wedding team work in Faisalabad , jarawala , jhang , chiniot , sargodha , khurrianwala , jehlum , rawalpindi , lahore , karachi , islamabad , bhwana and all cities of punjab kpk sindh blochistan gilgit baltistan kashmir in Pakistan

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