Right for court wedding procedure in Pakistan of male and female of his or her own selection could be a basic right and Pakistani laws offer complete legal protection to the significant other who comes for court wedding in Pakistan. Ali Shahzad Adv could be a pioneer law firm that provides legal services in terms of court wedding altogether in different cities of Pakistan. we tend to additionally deal foreign wedding in Pakistan and supply services to Pakistani Nationals and Foreign Nationals who need to marry(Shadi or wedding) in Pakistan or get their wedding registered in Pakistan. Our Court Marriage services in all cities of Punjab, Kpk, Sindh, Balochistan, Gilgit-Baltistan, Kashmir in Pakistan.

By law, the marriage in Pakistan is a civil contract between two persons like husband and wife. Therefore the registration of court marriage(Love Wedding) is necessary and its non-registration is considered to be a crime. We can get your court marriage registered and provide you with the marriage certificate in Pakistan as soon as 1 hour or 60 mints. The court marriage(Shaadi) in Pakistan takes about 20 to 30 mints and complete legal protection is also provided you to the spouse so that no illegal action could be taken against them.


we tend to needed copies of identity card of each male and female for the court marriage(shaadi) in Pakistan or different countries that they belong to their state. Copies of an identity card are used in court Marriage(wedding) as a symbol that archaic thus, if somebody doesn't have a copy of id card then the other document like B-Form, School, college and university mark sheet or degree etc that may be used. 2 photos of male and female also are needed for the record.

In Punjab Pakistan, the age of court marriage(wedding) is that the age of puberty and not the age of majority which implies when a female is capable enough to own marriage she will marry. therefore for the court wedding procedure in Pakistan, The females who aren't of eighteen years of age can even have their wedding(marriage) registered.

The Pakistan Constitution have given you to the rights of liberty to select a person(men or women) to marry with so we tend to at Ali Shahzad Advocate and Associates completed supported the youth(youngsters) in order that their needs ought to be consummated through Court wedding. other reasons are accountable for the rise of the court marriage(wedding) as an example the late marriages(shaadi) rise in the education level and exaggerated contact among the members of woman folk etc.

Nowadays, the rise in education level has changed the way of life in Pakistan however still our society is conservative on this specific issue of court wedding(Love Marriage). oldsters additionally treat their kid(children) as a property of their family instead of a living person.

Due to rise in court wedding trends the incidents of homicide are increasing thus it’s utmost necessary that life and liberty of the court wedding couple ought to be protected by the state. thus ultimately not least grownups having the age of wedding will fulfil there would like a wedding with their discretion through court wedding(marriage) by adopting the legal procedure.

The work does not stop at the ritual of court wedding(Shaadi), It’s additional necessary that the couple performing arts court marriage ought to be protected additionally in order that they will relish there right of court marriage presented to them by the Constitution of Pakistan.


The procedure and requirements of court marriage in Pakistan solely takes concerning 30 mints and that we have made the procedure of court marriage in Pakistan terribly straightforward and profitable for our clients. All you wish to try and do is to contact us a minimum of one hour before you've got decided to own your court marriage done in order that we tend to might create the arrangements and end your work in time.

In court marriage(Shaadi) we have a tendency to additionally take it to the court throughout that we'll have your statement recorded before to the magistrate that you just have done this court marriage together with your free will & consent and there are no threat or compulsion on you which of them can give you the complete security insurance (legal protection) and might prevent from all legal results.

At the last of the method of court wedding, we'll offer you 5 documents that you'll like as a symbol of your court marriage and these documents can offer you to complete security and legal protection against frivolous proceedings.
  • Marriage(Shaadi) certificate Attested with nadra registered
  • Attested copies of petition with all legal services
  • Attested copy of affidavit
  • Attested copies of court orders with protection
  • Attested statement copy from U/S 164
  • Free will affidavit from Female side.
  • In the case of 2nd marriage, a valid Divorce Certificate or Death Certificate of your past partner.

All you would like to try and do is to contact Ali Shahzad Advocate who can recommend you for the most effective procedure which is able to be adopted for your court marriage procedure in Pakistan or different countries that lives you and your youngsters(Children). The on top of mentioned is that the standard procedure of court wedding in Pakistan. however, there are different ways in which and procedures additionally as per the requirements and requirements of the consumer and that we can recommend you the most effective legal recommendation whether or not among the books or out of books as you recognize everything is possible in Pakistan.

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